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Smart Lighting 2017: Conference that keeps you ahead of important developments in your Industry.

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For 7 years now we have been taking a close look to the developments in the Lighting and Sensing Industry. Of course driven by the fact that the Industry is in a phase of transformation, in a mode of re-inventing itself, and the time is now! Enabled by digital light sources, based on semi-conductor technology, and the impact of ICT, new business models emerge rapidly, lighting as a service.

30+31 May Lindtner Conference Hotel Hamburg, Germany
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For your company to keep up with the ongoing rapid changes, being able to see new possibilities, establish a firm position in the reshuffling of the value chain it would greatly benefit you and your company to be present at this conference.

And you can arrange for numerous business appointments in just a few days, very effective!

The programs consist of Technical sessions and Business & Application sessions

Some of the topics at random, you will find more info on the website:
• Human Centric Lighting: lighting designed to benefit human health and wellbeing.
• Smart Cities / Smart buildings / public spaces
• Visible Light Communication
• Various Smart Lighting Projects
• User interface design and control
• IOT in connected buildings
• Strategic roadmap for connected lighting
• Smart Lighting system design
• Wireless connectivity standards
• Light management systems
• Integration of daylight and artificial lighting
• Tunable light engines
• Public lighting
• Connected Lighting Solution for commercial applications
• Cyber security
• Lighting as an IoT infrastructure

Looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg for the Global Smart Lighting Event 2017

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Best regards,

Mrs. Astrid Reijs
InnovationFab Events BV    

Mr. Jan Denneman
Chair Steering Committee
Smart Lighting Event 2017

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